I'm Louisa at Louisa's Grooming Salon and I would likke to tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to be a groomer.

I grew up with a beautiful standard poodle who was groomed by a lovely lady.  The groomer had to retire and I was about to start a career as a vet nurse but was becoming a bit disillusioned with idea so I though I would give grooming a try. 

I took an intensive 4 month course at The London Academy of Grooming in 1991 and have been grooming ever since.

I run an organisation which is aimed at educating other groomers and providing them with support through a series of seminars and demonstrations in the southeast and contribute to several forums. 

I have also written many articles for various industry publications and also help produce a magazine for groomers.

I myself have regularly competed for several years with multiple wins including 1st place in the Experienced Poodle and Terrier classes at the British Grooming Championships and more recently winning the Toy/Minature Poodle class at Eurogroom and have also judged grooming competitions.

I have demonstrated many times at Crufts, The British Dog Grooming Championships, Eurogroom and at Glee Petindex.

I have appeared as a groomer on Television and Radio and have demonstrated a more creative side on Liza and Hueys Pet Nation for Sky 1. 

You can have a look at some of my creative work by clicking on the Creative Gallery tab in the Navigation bar above.

I like to attend as many educational events as possible both here in the UK and abroad to offer my clients the best service I can.  

I do this By learning the very latest styles and techniques and applying the latest and up to date technologies and products in the salon.

I can assure that not only will your dog look the very best he or she can but their coat will be easier to manage at home by becoming less tangled and staying cleaner for longer in a much more relaxed and stress free enviroment.

I have undertaken  an online Chemistry course for Groomers, learning how and why shampoos are made and exactly how they work and affect the skin and coat. 

This has lead to us only stocking the very best shampoos, conditioners and coat enhancers that are available. 

As members of The Pet Care Trust and the British Dog Groomers Association we adhere to a very strict Code of Conduct giving you peace of mind that you pet is in safe hands.  

I am very proud to hold the Advanced City & Guilds Grooming Qualification and  also received the City & Guilds Licentiateship in grooming and I am currently the highest qualified groomer in Kent.

Grooming is more than a job to me it is my hobby too and I strive to be the very best I can at it.  

However, above all your dogs welfare is the most important thing in the salon and we are dedicated to making sure that he or she is happy with us.

If you would like some information on our services please give us a call.  We cater to all breeds and cross breeds and can offer all styling techniques from Handstripping to Scissoring and Clipping to a very high standard.

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 The Reporter

Louisa Tandy, from Louisa’s Dog Salon in Gravesend, explains that all dogs are bred with some sort of job in mind.

“Poodles originated in Russia and Germany and were water retrievers, retrieving game from the water. Their wet fur would get very heavy so the owners shaved it all off,” she said. “But in the winter the dogs would suffer arthritis in the joints so they left the main coat on the body to keep vital organs warm and left poms of hair to help protect the joints from the cold.”

This traditional style has continued beyond the poodle’s purpose and is now the standard way to maintain their coat.

Other grooming styles depict the varying roles dogs were bred for.